RDA Orana has been working on the issue of the workforce for our region and has identified that there are critical labour shortages holding back business growth.

We’ve also identified a project pipeline of $7.9 B that is a mix of mining, infrastructure, renewable energy, manufacturing and health projects between now and the next 5 years.

With 5 of 12 LGA’s recording full employment, an ageing regional population and declining participation rates,  access to and availability of labour is a critical factor in all employer feedback. This is across the board and no industry is unaffected. (Full details of our research can be found in our Bracing for Change report, which is available to view on our website).

To address the critical shortages being experienced by business, RDA Orana has been in discussion with the Commonwealth Government and is preparing to lodge a proposal for a DAMA for the Orana region.

DAMAs are custom-designed arrangements which support a tailored, regional response to labour needs. They are an important tool in assisting regions to manage workforce strategies that support local growth. The over-arching nature of these agreements allows employers streamlined access to a broader range of overseas workers than allowed under standard skilled migration programmes, without the need to individually negotiate terms and conditions.

The specific advantages of having a DAMA in place for our region include:

  • simplification of visa application system for employers
  • the ability to bring semi-skilled labour into the region to meet and address real labour shortages
  • the ability to bring in semi-skilled labour, which will cut the retraining costs associated with using holiday visa workers to fill unfilled job vacancies currently unrecognised in the Australian Skill Shortage lists
  • the ability to allow our ageing population to continue to live in the region where they have grown up and had their working life will be underpinned by access to a professional workforce and
  • provide an opportunity for overseas workers to embed in our region, supporting the possibility of permanent residency and addressing population decline, particularly in our rural communities

Australian Government to offer incentives for NT move, as

part of $50m population strategy

Families that move to the NT to work in “high priority jobs” will receive more than $15,000 over five years from the NT Government, as part of its newly unveiled population strategy.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner released the plan to create 21,000 jobs and add $10 billion to the economy over the next decade, which will start by giving financial aid to new Territorians in certain jobs, to help with living and moving costs.

That will be to the tune of $3,000 for individuals, $6,000 for couples and $7,000 for families.

“Just about every regional centre in Australia is trying to grow their population. It’s a national trend,” Mr. Gunner said.

High priority occupations

  • Chief executive or managing director
  • Sales and marketing manager
  • Engineering manager
  • Hotel or motel manager
  • Accountants
  • Librarians
  • Aero plane pilot
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Early childhood teacher
  • University lecturer
  • Retail pharmacist
  • General practitioner
  • Fitter (general)
  • Plumber (general)
  • Electrician (general)
  • Chef
  • Cook
  • Hairdresser
  • Cabinetmaker
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health worker
  • Parole or probation officer
  • Property manager

On top of immediate financial aid, all new Territorians will be eligible for a $1,250 local benefit bonus, to spend in the first two years on car and license registration, child care and local businesses.

If people commit and make it past five years, they will also be eligible for another cash payment, the same value as the original figure, for singles, couples or families to spend as they wish.

“The total benefit for a family would be more than $15,000 over five years,” Mr. Gunner said.

“This is mounting a pretty strong case to make the move.”

In total, the Government will spend nearly $14 million on the incentives, which will also be available for overseas migrants.

Registration for the financial bonus will open November 1 this year.

To receive payment participants will first have to update their details through things like Medicare to become a “counted Territorian”.

This will then allow the NT Government to receive about an extra $11,000 per person through the GST.




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