Our migration Consultants are registered with Australian Migration Agents Authority (MARA) in Australia to provide immigration assistance as required by Australian Immigration law. Our qualified Consultants are required to undergo continuous professional development in order to maintain a standard of expertise in the area of Australian immigration law, Regulations and policy (PAM). Our Immigration Consultants are bound by the MARA professional Code of Conducts at all times.

The Australian Government has established a Migration Agents Regulation Authority (MARA). Migration agents who are registered in Australia with MARA have a sound knowledge of migration procedures and are required to work on a stringent code of practice. Their activities are monitored by the Migration Regulation Authority, which is established by the Australian Government.

Australian Migration Services is the first listed (registered) Migration Agent’s office in Sri Lanka in the Australian Migration Agents Authority’s “Register of Agents” (including MARA‘S website) since 2003. Our main office, Multinational Migration Services is in Melbourne, Australia and our Sri Lankan office is located in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Why Australian Migration Services (AMS)?

1. As qualified professionals we ensure that you first apply for the right visa.

2. We prepare your case in a manner that will ensure the best possible opportunity to reach the visa grant stage.

3. We ensure that the correct information is stated on the vast number of Application forms and that you present the correct supporting evidence.

4. We address all aspects of the applicable laws, regulations and Procedure Advice Manuals, which Immigration officers use in relation to your case and the supporting evidence you supplied.

5. We then submit a substantial submission (up to 500 pages) with your application after we address every applicable aspect.

6. There is normally a great deal of communication and queries after a visa application is lodged with the department – mostly due to changes in circumstances, regulations or due to the long period that application processing takes. We take care of all of these questions and represent you until you obtain your visa. *

7. On our part we are required to undertake ongoing intensive annual studies to allow us re-register annually. If we fail to meet the strict criteria set by our Migration Agents Registration Authority, we lose registration. Thus many illegal agents are operating in Australia and outside of Australia. As such it is always in our best interest to ensure that your application succeeds!

8. Many do-it-yourself applications fail. The cost of Visa applications is significant, and application fees paid to DIMA & other Statutory bodies such as Assessing bodies are not refundable. If your visa is refused, you lose your fees. At Australian Migration Services we utilize our extensive skills and expertise and we spend a great deal of time and effort on each application we handle to ensure that your money invested in your future is invested to your benefit and advantage.

9. In most cases for our service we charge very competitive fees, which is an equivalent up to 10 weeks’ salary of an average Australian Professional. In the process you receive dedicated professional service similar to an advocate or a doctor *

10.Highly qualified persons handle your application individually up to 50 hours on a TEMPORARY RESIDENT application and up to 125 hours on a PERMANENT RESIDENT application till you obtain your visa. *

* Depending upon the plan you opt for