I know I have expressed my thanks to you before at the time of the granting of the visa to Australia, but I really wanted to also express it in written form for you. We had a dream to migrate to Australia and all what we had was skills and education, but the support and guidance was given by you.

From the rst moment I was greeted at the desk by Ms. Harshini to the rst session with Mr.Hirosh, and in all subsequent dealings, I knew I was dealing with people who knew their business, were professional, friendly, honest and procient.

But to be realistic this is what I would have expected. I was paying you for a job and I expected the job to be done well. What I wasn’t expecting and what came as a wonderful surprise was the level of care that came along with your extremely high level of professionalism. By care I mean the human touch, the real personal concern, the actual sharing and caring that accompanied the, sometimes, dicult and worrying journey to gaining the visa.

Like all others we also had an idea where we want to move (Victoria), but didn’t realize that’s its not simple as we think until we talked with Mr. Hirosh, as he explained how and what is the procedure, all what I did was trusting my guide. Even I had studied in Victoria I had no idea of moving to NT regional (Alice Springs) to start our new journey specialy with 2 young kids. I believe all happen to good as I am experiencing the best.

That genuine care and concern, the empathetic sincerity and the emotional support were indeed unexpected, very welcome, and indeed often very helpful to us personally. My dealings with Ms. Dilu, particularly during the bulk of the process were most exemplary of this. I felt like I had a good friend doing the application for me, a friend among friends, sharing the highs and the lows.

Anyone who hear that moving to a low populated regional area will be a nightmare, yes it could be if you didn’t do your home work (LOL) Alice Springs is a wonderful town and with lots of opportunities. After 5days of arrival I started my fulltime professional job in NTs largest print and publication company and after several months I found my second job as customer care team member at Bunnings Australia’s largest construction Warehouse. Alice Springs didn’t only oer me the best, it also gave my wife to start her own business as a baker, within few months she was loaded with a chain of clients. Getting a full time job and a part time job at once to keep you going proves that this is the lucky country. I think we did the right thing by trusting our guide AMS.

I can’t thank you all enough. I know it was another job for an agent but you took it as its your own and I am delight to have stumbled upon you guys. Also

I have recommended AMS to several people and laud your praises to all, and will continue to do so. Mr. Hirosh & Ms. Dilu, thanks heaps and I wish you all the very best always. And gratitude to Mr. Upali and Ms. Harshini for the support and encouragement through out the process and also helping my family members to gain visit visa to visit us in Alice Springs. You guys ROCK!