Millions of “THANK YOU” will also be less to describe the support which you gave us to obtain our Australian Permanent Residency. We achieved this solely because of your hard work, huge effort and due to your tremendous knowledge of the immigration rules. The fact that you invested your complete effort on our application is the reason that we remarkably believe has resulted us in obtaining the approval providently.

We would like to extend our gratitude to you by this small thank you note. We really don’t have words to express how grateful we are to you for helping us out with our complicated case in migrating to Australia.

During a period we had given up on trying to obtain our visa, the category your helping hand would fall far above priceless. We still remember the very first day we stepped in to AUSTRALIAN MIGRATION SERVICES and we met Hirosh to discuss about our case. You were so very positive in your attitude to us and we came away, at last, feeling someone who was actually listening to us and would do their utmost to support our application. From that day onwards we proceed our case with this wonderful personality, DILU. She is an amazing lady, very friendly character and especially through lot of our downfalls it is her who stood by us, encouraged us, given so many amazing advices and solutions to us and performed everything to win this so complicated case. It is your heartwarming service and courage that has aided us in this matter to be positive. With such attitude and the attention you paid to each detail, listening to each factor point by point, you have today kept our lives at a state way further than wonderful.

Even though Dilu and Hirosh were our migration agents initially, we firmly feel that with the immense help you have provided and the kindness you have embarked upon us, the passion you have had towards completing our request and your wonderful friendliness, that it has brought us closer together. Dear Hirosh and Dilu, Our gratitude cannot be expressed in words simply to point out how much we appreciate your service, and without your vast and immense knowledge about immigration policies, today we would not be satisfied as such. You have professionally provided us favors even as finding a center that enabled us to complete our IELTS that is required in the application. You have been more than just a consultant to us, since you also made us your services available, after office hours too, which shows your accommodating nature and giving “Out of the way client services”.

Unlike most companies that provide visa services, AUSTRALIAN MIGRATION SERVICES would be kept on top due to their recognizable friendly attitude and the vast knowledge they bestow upon the task and towards clients. The process does not end overnight as it requires effort and a lot of paper work. We believe that AMS does not allow their clients to be lost on the case of wonderment, but update them on what is going on with their application, and without a workforce without the right set of skills and knowledge, it would not have been achieved.

In a fast evolving corporate world, in our personal experience it is rather difficult to complete such matters accurately, however AMS has been by our side from the beginning, guiding us through each and every stair of this journey up top, hence today we have become extremely happy for the service we have received. We would recommend AMS to everyone that would need to resolve such matters, as it is safe to state out that no matter how difficult or how much time needs to be spared for a certain case, they would provide nothing but their hundred percent on it, with well-educated staff and a friendly atmosphere.