First you need to get yourself assessed by our migration experts. If you happen to have the requisite points score, then you are eligible to apply for PR. Remember, frequent changes in migration law is a common occurrence; hence your assessment is valid only for a brief period.
You at least need to have a working knowledge of English to satisfy the visa guidelines. If you are applying as an independent applicant, then your required standard of English is higher.
You have the best chance of migrating. If your sponsor belongs to a designated area then you can apply under the visa category Skilled regional (Provisional) visa.
The entire process is very tedious and you would be required to obtain details from various institutions and the content of each would determine the outcome. If professional assistance is obtained, your chances are the brightest.
Once you have been notified of your eligible status you would require to enter into an agreement for AMS to deal with your case. Once the agreement is in place you would be given a thorough briefing and a checklist of document required would be provided. Detailed CVs, content for letters, affidavits, forms and assistance would be provided.
The cost depends on your case. However, various payments structures are available to suit your budget. For our service it would cost you an equivalent of up to 10 weeks salary of an Australian Professional.
The length of your entire application process is determined by the visa type you are applying for. On an average, it varies between a day to more than an year.
First, visit the website of MARA at and click on the ‘Register of Agents’. Then click ‘Search the Register’, give details of your migration agent’s 7-digit code or family name and press search. The details as to the authenticity of your migration agent could be thus verified this way.
You are normally allowed three visits to meet your migration agent. If your agent is abroad then you could undertake a direct video-link up at your local office and discuss any issues pertaining to your immediate application.
First, you should not lose hope. There are various alternatives left for exploring. Remember, two years of full time study in Australia makes you eligible to apply onshore.